Hi, I'm Tim

This space is intended to provide a glimpse into my life experience, in hopes that any given glimpser will better understand the things I do for work and play and thus be well-equipped to imagine ways we might be able to work/play together. Below are some links to me on the web, and below that is the most current version of my bio 👇

Growing up, Tim created overlap in Venn Diagrams of various social circles – the smart kids and jocks, stoners and straight-edged, cool kids and band nerds.

Today he helps bring together people from different worlds – be those geographic, professional, spiritual, socioeconomic, or other – fostering environments of inclusion and value.

Tim works independently, consulting with organizations that share his vision of generating universal positive vibes, through community-centric & technology-enabled action and influence.

His professional community-building experience has amassed through his work with companies like Techstars, SendGrid, and Keen IO.